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Combining field experience and research with our information technology and tools has the potential to create a problem-based learning environment.


As such we conduct customer interviews at a specific destination for a predetermined target market audience, allowing us to map and model customer behaviours.

Consumer Insights

Our Primary Research Team focusses on the study of consumer behaviour through various tailored surveys that are aimed at extracting specific behavioural information from targetted groups of  individuals at pre-determined location with the aim of compiling data and segment specific intelligence.


This is done through the effective capturing of data on technical devices.  Surveys are mostly conducted via face-to-face interviews (in malls, retailers, etc.) but phone, internet surveys and focus groups (partnering) are also used to assimilate data.  Analysis is backed by our spatial capabilities of mapping respondents to a fixed address which is a core methodology in determining the primary area of concern raised and allows data to be interpreted accordingly.


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