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Understand why purchases happen, where they do and how this influences consumer behaviour.


Through  our in-depth understanding of the retail environment and ongoing          fieldwork,

our Retail Team aims to

assist retailer groups

in their growth and optimisation strategies. 


Our experienced Retail team assist and guide national and independent retailers in their specific and unique needs regarding expansion, rationalisation and optimization strategies in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.  We have built up a strong client base that stretches across all retail categories and has given us priceless experience in all areas of retail.


Our offering consists of an online subscription solution as well as bespoke and client specific market research reports. 

  • – Our  online Do It Yourself tool for site assessments

  • Desktop Site Study

  • Full Site Feasibility

  • Country Development Plan

  • Bespoke Consulting Service & Data Analytics

  • Market Penetration Analysis

  • Origin / Destination Surveys

  • Customer Mapping Analysis

  • Micro Site Positioning Analysis


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