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Our Executive Team

Our team of executives are all leaders and experts in the field of location intelligence and spatial mapping.

With decades of experience our executive are all still very hands-on in the day-to-day running of our business, supported by a team of over 20 professionals that add value to our client's business and their challenges every single day.

Sybrand Strauss

Founder & Head of Operations

Marinus van der Merwe


Our Investment Partner

Sanari Capital provides a rare combination of entrepreneurial spirit and top-tier private equity and investment expertise. Sanari partner with owners and management who are aligned with, and enthusiastic about, the principles of Sanari’s 3S Solution approach and investment strategy.


Moushmi Patel

Non- Executive Director


Samantha Pokroy

Non-Executive Director

Our Strategic Partners

Our strategic partnerships have not only ensured that we have global expertise and insight but have also given us the opportunity to become one of the leading location intelligence and data analysis businesses on the African continent.

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TomTom created the easy-to-use navigation device, one of the most influential inventions of all time. Since then, they have grown into a global technology company.

Our Software Partners

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