At Fernridge we make sense of the catchment market dynamics influencing shopping power.


We provide enhanced insights for superior location analysis decision making, which in turn greatly reduces the risk associated with this essential element in the shopping centre sector throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Shopping Centre

Our Shopping Centre Team focusses on doing market studies for new developments and existing shopping centres.  These studies are typically provided to banks, landlords, property managers, leasing agents, and corporate and private property developers.


We offer our feasibility solution where there is a need for an understanding of a proposed new centre’s catchment area demographics, new developments and growth in the area, level of competition, supply and demand, retail market size and market share analysis. Subsequent our experienced team develops modelling to determine the optimal size for the proposed retail development.  We can also include a site evaluation model & GPS fieldwork.


Our Shopper Surveys are typically focused on existing shopping centres that are expanding, revamping or rethinking their tenanting strategies to align with a changing environment. We apply hands-on methodologies and cutting-edge technology to gather data and deliver customer insights that include catchment delineation, outflow destinations plotting, shopping patterns etc.


We believe our solution has proven to be very valuable, given our longstanding relationships with funding institutions, prominent retailers and other reputable stakeholders.



  • Desktop Feasibility

  • Growth Projections

  • Density Modelling

  • Market Share Analysis

  • Supply vs Demand

  • Optimal Sizing

  • Shopper Surveys

  • Customer Insights

  • Origin Mapping

  • Profiling