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Our AfricaEye Online Solution A user-friendly online solution that acts as a demographic portal which gives a registered user access to granular demographics and business forecast models for Sub-Saharan Africa. is a Fernridge proprietry solution and is a leading Business Intelligence tool for demographic data in Africa.

The world is rapidly becoming mobile. People want access to information in real-time no matter where they are. Our team of experts are constantly pioneering new technologies and developing new solutions enabled for mobile devices that help people all over the globe access demographic data and solutions for and in Africa.


The AfricaEye online portal allows the registered user to pinpoint a desired location, draw your desired catchment area, select the data sets you require and delivers a detailed downloadable PDF report. All with our most recent demographics and associated retail market size and competitive supply, within minutes.

Need Help? We have data for Africa

AfricaEye Documents

Below is the AfricaEye user guide and examples of Demo AfricaEye Reports both including and excluding optional retail categories to give you an example of what AfricaEye can provide.

Basic AfricaEye Report with no retail categories
Full AfricaEye Report with multiple retail categories
AfricaEye user guide
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